Close your Eyes….

For my first ever post I would like to try an exercise with you (don’t worry it’s a mental exercise not a physical one!).


I want you to close your eyes and imagine the perfect ‘you’.  Don’t think about money or what other people might want you to be but just imagine you at your happiest.  Where are you? What do you look like? For me I always imagine myself standing in the kitchen of the house I built.  Its not the flashiest house on the street but its mine and I built it.  I don’t imagine myself looking much different from what I look like now apart from being a bit leaner and healthier.


Now I want you to think what it will take for you to become that perfect fabulous you.  Do you need a vacation? New haircut? Do you need your own home?   For me I need to begin building my own home and I also need to eat a little healthier and exercise a little more.


Now comes the hard part – start taking those steps!  This is where I struggle but I find that if you take tiny little steps each day you will get there!  For me that means that today I will go to boot camp and try not to eat chocolate.  Tomorrow I am meeting with a friend to organize a mortgage for me to buy a piece of land so that I can start building.


What little steps can you take today to reach your perfect fabulous self?

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