Makeover your Makeup

Like most people I used to have a ton of cosmetics in my cupboard that never got used so I decided to give my makeup a makeover recently and I’m so glad I did!

As I’m off on holiday next month I wanted a simple makeup bag that I could get multiple looks from and was easy to use.  I hate having a ton of eye shadows and blushers floating around in my bag so when I stumbled upon Artdeco cosmetics I was over the moon!

art deco

Artdeco has a wonderful system where you can customize your own cosmetic case with the eye shadows and blushes that you need.  Therefore you have the convenience of a cosmetic palette without spending your money on colors you won’t end up using.  Another thing I love about Artdeco is that its super affordable.  In New Zealand you can buy it at Farmers and an eye shadow costs around nine dollars while the biggest pallet is fewer than thirty dollars.  My only little gripe is that the pallets aren’t really big enough so I’ve found another option. Anothersoul on Etsy has created some amazing magnetic pallets in an array of colors and sizes so I can finally have all my favorite makeup in one place. Simple, affordable and fabulous!

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