How to make the most of your lush locks: A Davines Review




I thought today I’d share with you my secret to amazing hair.  I’ve always struggled with dry hair.  My whole life I could never get my hair to grow to a decent length because it would just snap.  Even the hairdressers used to comment on how bad my hair was! Then I started using Davines Alchemic Chocolate Shampoo & Conditioner DUO and I’ve never looked back.

Davines Alchemic range is designed to enhance your natural or cometic colored hair but it does so much more than that. It comes in a range of colors to suit everyone and restores shine and softness to hair.  It also made my hair extensions last longer!  After 18 months of having the same hair in I eventually took them out because my hair had outgrown the extensions.  My hairdresser has never seen anything like it before! Davines has also saved me a bunch of money as I didn’t have to keep buying new extensions all the time and I was able to extend my color treatments to every 8 weeks instead of every 3-4.

I’ll admit that it’s not the cheapest hair care range but it certainly has saved me a bunch in the long run!


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