The debate of the white couch…

white couch

So the debate of the white couch continues in our household.  I desperately want a white couch to help bring my Scandinavian chic dream to life and the other half thinks it’s the most impractical idea he’s ever heard.  These are our view points….


His argument:

  • We’re not the tidiest cleanest household
  • We have a dog who likes to sit on the couch
  • We want to start a family and white is not kid friendly
  • You’re crazy


My argument:

  • I’ll walk around with a cloth and spray-and-wipe if I have to
  • The dog doesn’t shed and he’s cleaner than most people
  • The kids can have their own bean bags to sit on
  • I want Scandinavian chic



And this is where our argument stood until I came across an article about slip cover couches.  Apparently a white couch can be a practical answer to a busy family friendly household as long as it’s slip cover which means that you can remove the cover to wash easily.  White is also a good option as you can bleach the material to remove stains which you can’t do with other colors.  Since then I have also come across this wonderful website which makes slip cover couches in an array of colors, textures and styles for Ikea couches including beautiful linens.

So I think I may be able to finally have my white couch but only time will tell who really won the argument!


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