Etsy – Helping The Little Person

I adore Etsy and try to use it as much as I can.  I love the idea that I’m helping out the little person.  That someone somewhere decided to follow their dream and sell their wares online.  I also love the idea of getting something unique, that can’t be bought in the shop down the road.  There are so many unique and spectacular items out there just waiting to be discovered! Below are some of my favourite items.

book candle


Who doesn’t love candles! These candles are amazing and have some wonderful unique scents. Eco friendly soy and 65 hours burn time. Whats not to love!


I bought this jacket for winter and I absolutely love it! it’s so comfy and warm with lovely thick fleece inside.  It’s a great jacket to throw on over jeans when you need to run some errands.  They also make it to your measurements so you know it’ll fit perfectly!


This amazing paper origami clock is on my wish list! it’s so beautiful and unique.  They come in a variety of colors and styles.

gold necklace

This beautiful necklace was my very first Etsy purchase and it’s still one of my favourite items I own.  It’s very similar to Marco Bicego pieces but at only a fraction of the cost!

So next time your wanting something a little different why not give Etsy a go and help out a small business!



As with all my posts if you want to know where to get any of these amazing items just click on the picture.


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