Toms The Ultimate Plane Shoe


Gone are the days when I used to tote around from one terminal to the next in heels pretending I was someone important.  Airports are getting bigger and my feet are getting sensitive.  These days I’m wiser when it comes to what to wear on the plane.  After 13 hours I don’t care how fashionable I look, and well lets face it – no one looks fashionable after a long haul flight – it’s all about comfort.  I recently bought the TOMS Natural Crochet Women’s Slip-On W8 and I’m so excited to wear them on the plane!  I love the concept of Toms shoes, that for every pair of shoes purchased Toms will help a person in need.  I also love the comfortable squishy sole with built-in arch supports perfect for those of us with fallen arches! These shoes will also be wonderful hitting the night markets and sight-seeing as the lace allows your feet to breath while still giving some support.  So if you see me skipping around the airport it’s probably because I’ll be wearing my Toms!

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