Auckland New Zealand

Bio: Welcome to frugalfab.co! Where you can learn my tricks to have a fabulous life no matter what barriers may stand in your way. First allow me to introduce myself, my name is Claire Evans and I am an entrepreneur who makes a living out of being fabulously frugal. Being frugal is not about being cheap, it’s about being smart. It’s about knowing where to spend and where to save, what your strengths are as well as your weaknesses and how to turn anything and everything into an advantage. This website is not just about how to make the most of your pennies but also your time and energy so you can better your life and live your own personal dream. It wasn’t too long ago that I was a lost little soul wondering what to do with my life. I was in my late 20s and at that age where suddenly you realize the party’s over and you have to grow up. The only problem was I didn’t know who I was and therefore what I wanted from my life. I knew I wanted “stuff” but I didn’t have a plan as to how to get that “stuff” (other than putting it on the credit card). It wasn’t until I starting seeing an amazing life coach who gave me a road map on how to become who I am today. This gift is what I want to give to every person out there. frugalfab.co is about my own personal journey to fabulousness, which I hope may also inspire you to become your own frugally fab self!

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