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GlamGlow Review


Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial bus you’ve probably heard of Glamglow masks as it has won every major beauty award out there.  So after much debating with myself I decided to buy the Glamglow youth mud.



  • Glamglow has four powerful masks and an eye treatment which suits every skin type
  • The Glamglow website has a sample pack where you can purchase single use versions of every mask to try before you make the investment
  • It’s simple to use and not too much mess
  • My skin felt much smoother and clearer after use
  • Unlike most masks my skin did not react or breakout which is fantastic!



  • Glamglow masks are not cheap.  They retail for $69


Overall it’s one of those products that is a nice optional addition to your skin routine.  I would recommend it to people who wear makeup every day and need a good clean out every once in a while or for someone looking for a product that will give them a mini facial before a big night out.  I haven’t used it enough to see if it makes a more permanent difference to my skin so I’ll let you know!

If you are wanting to try one of Glamglows masks I recommend getting the sample set from their website.  For those lucky enough to have Sephoras in their country you can purchase it from one of their many stores and for my New Zealand followers Mecca Cosmetics stocks Glamglow which is where I purchased mine from.

If you do decide to use it I’d love to know your experiences! Also please let me know if there is anything else I should try out there.

Bronzer Wars: Nars vs Stila


The perfect Bronzer can contour, add color and depth to your makeup.  I thought I had found the perfect bronzer in Laguna by Nars but I think Stila has finally stolen the bronzer crown.

nars bronzer

Nars Bronzer in Laguna

  • Very subtle
  • Easy to build
  • Suits fair to medium skin tones
  • Natural glow
  • Slight gold shimmer
  • Doesn’t have an orange undertone
  • Can be too subtle
  • Quite expensive (NZD 72)
  • Found I went through it too quickly


stila bronzer

Stila Stay All Day Bronzer in Medium

  • Subtle
  • Easy to build
  • Suits fair to medium skin tones
  • Matt application
  • Great in high humidity
  • No orange undertone
  • More reasonably priced (NZD 59)
  • Slightly more product than the Nars bronzer


While both bronzers are amazing and heads above the other competition I think the Stila bronzer overall is slightly more versatile while giving you more product for less moola.


How to make the most of your lush locks: A Davines Review




I thought today I’d share with you my secret to amazing hair.  I’ve always struggled with dry hair.  My whole life I could never get my hair to grow to a decent length because it would just snap.  Even the hairdressers used to comment on how bad my hair was! Then I started using Davines Alchemic Chocolate Shampoo & Conditioner DUO and I’ve never looked back.

Davines Alchemic range is designed to enhance your natural or cometic colored hair but it does so much more than that. It comes in a range of colors to suit everyone and restores shine and softness to hair.  It also made my hair extensions last longer!  After 18 months of having the same hair in I eventually took them out because my hair had outgrown the extensions.  My hairdresser has never seen anything like it before! Davines has also saved me a bunch of money as I didn’t have to keep buying new extensions all the time and I was able to extend my color treatments to every 8 weeks instead of every 3-4.

I’ll admit that it’s not the cheapest hair care range but it certainly has saved me a bunch in the long run!


Makeover your Makeup

Like most people I used to have a ton of cosmetics in my cupboard that never got used so I decided to give my makeup a makeover recently and I’m so glad I did!

As I’m off on holiday next month I wanted a simple makeup bag that I could get multiple looks from and was easy to use.  I hate having a ton of eye shadows and blushers floating around in my bag so when I stumbled upon Artdeco cosmetics I was over the moon!

art deco

Artdeco has a wonderful system where you can customize your own cosmetic case with the eye shadows and blushes that you need.  Therefore you have the convenience of a cosmetic palette without spending your money on colors you won’t end up using.  Another thing I love about Artdeco is that its super affordable.  In New Zealand you can buy it at Farmers and an eye shadow costs around nine dollars while the biggest pallet is fewer than thirty dollars.  My only little gripe is that the pallets aren’t really big enough so I’ve found another option. Anothersoul on Etsy has created some amazing magnetic pallets in an array of colors and sizes so I can finally have all my favorite makeup in one place. Simple, affordable and fabulous!

Smart Skincare


As I used to be an aesthetician I thought I would chat about how to make the most of your skin, no matter your age or budget.  Skincare ranges from a couple of dollars to thousands and if your not careful you can end up getting taken for a ride.  In this article I will explain what is important and what you can skip to make your skincare routine something that you can afford to stick to.


Budget:  I believe this is the most important element when it comes to choosing your skincare routine.  There is no point in buying an expensive product if you can’t afford to stick with it.  Decide how much you can afford to spend on your skin a month and go from there.


Basic Skincare Routine:  Once you’ve decided on your skincare budget it’s time to think about what products you want to use.  If nothing else use a cleanser and moisturizer with SPF. My favorite cleanser and moisturizer is a brand called Osmosis, which will cost you around $100 a month.  If that’s not in your budget then a reputable supermarket brand is fine.   Remember that its not so much what you use but how often you use it.  The next item I recommend once you have those two basics is a vitamin A treatment serum.  Vitamin A normalizes skin cell DNA that means that it corrects any problems you may have with your skin.  From there it’s up to you what else you want to purchase and use but those are the three basic products I would start with.


Salon Treatments:  I have always told my clients that I would rather they use good skin care products every day at home then come into the salon every other week so if your on a budget I recommend spending your money on your daily routine.  For those of you that have a bit of extra cash to spend it can be extremely confusing which treatment to go for! My favorite is the Omnilux light therapy as its great for every skin type and very relaxing.  If you’re wanting a deep exfoliation then I recommend a series of peels.


Don’t Hide That Beautiful Skin:  After investing in your skin don’t hide it from the world!  Some foundations have harmful chemicals, which can cause your skin to react, and breakout so if your going to be applying foundation after make sure it’s a good skincare makeup such as Jane Iredale, Osmosis or Bare Minerals.


You Are What You Eat:  the most affordable way to make the most of your skin is to make sure your eating a healthy diet, drinking water, exercising and getting enough sleep.  Looking after yourself can help most skincare problems. Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are amazing at keeping your skin in great condition and can help with breakouts, dryness and aging.  EFAs can be found in fish, avocado, leafy vegetables and some seeds and nuts.  If you’re having issues with your skin I recommend taking an EFA supplement.  I am currently putting flaxseed oil in my morning smoothie.


Prevention:  Be smart with your skin.  It is easier and cheaper to avoid getting wrinkles and pigmentation then to make them go away!  This means sunscreen and a good skincare routine.


If you feel I have left something out or want more information please comment or email me.  Now go forth love yourself, love your skin and be fabulous!