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How I Can Afford To Feed My Family Wagu Beef

wagu steak

Wagu beef dinner plus money in your bank account? Yes it’s possible!  My Partner and I love a good steak but usually a nice cut of beef is just out of our price range.  That was until I came across First Light Wagu Beef at Farros.


Wagu beef has beautiful marbled fat and a rich nutty taste that makes it a pleasure to eat.  At Farros you can buy skirt steak or tri-tip (bottom of the sirloin) which both make excellent steaks.  I bought 1.3kg for NZD48 and portioned it into five meals which means I can feed the two of us for just under NZD10 per meal which is pretty affordable.  We usually slice it up and add it to stir-frys, make philly steak sammies or pan fry it and have it with salad.  To make the most of your wagu I suggest leaving it uncovered in the fridge to age for a few days.

My Wagu portions ready to pop into the freezer
My Wagu portions ready to pop into the freezer

If you would like to try some of this amazing beef I suggest going onto the first light website and checking out where your nearest store is. After all, is there anything more fabulous than Wagu?